by Randy Glass 4/21/10- 2010 - All rights reserved

"The French Kiss" in front of a Bodum press
(Press not included with the device)

      The press pot, also known as the French Press, has been around for quite some time. It has quite a large number of devoted followers for a number of reasons; it is fairly simple to use, is about as low-tech as a coffee making appliance gets, is easy to produce varying volumes of coffee, and most importantly, makes rich, full-bodied cups of coffee. Unfortunately, this device has its drawbacks. As anyone who drinks press pot coffee can tell you, taking the last sip at the bottom of the cup reveals the first. The sediment which escapes through the filter screen and ends up in the cup is not pleasant on the palate. The other is the mess left behind in the carafe after the plunger screen is withdrawn.
      Chic Kelly, CEO of Tambaroo, has developed a solution for that bottom-of-the-carafe mess. It is called "The French Kiss." made of food-grade silicone, this simple device works like this:
1 - Place the desired amount of ground coffee into the partitions of "The French Kiss"
2 - Drop "The French Kiss" into the press pot and allow it to settle to the bottom. It has four "vents" that allow air to bleed out a bit as well as assisting in preventing vacuum when withdrawing.
3 - Brew as you always do- add water, agitate, insert plunger, and wait the desired amount of time.
4 - When steeping time is completed, press the plunger down slowly. When it reaches "The French Kiss" the magnets along the perimeter give the plunger screen a "kiss" and it magnetically attaches it firmly to the plunger's steel screen retainer.
5 - Pour your coffee as usual and enjoy. When the coffee has been poured out of the carafe, pull up on the plunger and "The French Kiss" is withdrawn with it, and the grounds are mostly contained in the "The French kiss."
6 - Take "The French Kiss" to the trash receptacle and knock out the grounds. When mostly clean, turn "The French Kiss" inside out and knock out the rest of the grounds.

7 - Rinse or wipe it clean and it is ready to use again.

      It is just that simple to use. It cleans up very nicely, and the silicone used to make the device seems to be of a very high quality. The magnets are securely affixed in the silicone (yes, I tried). Chic told me he was very particular that he wanted a device with no plastic used for health and taste purposes because it would be subjected to the heat of the water.

      The goal of "The French Kiss" is to make clean up easy, and it does that. I brewed a pot, and after normal clean up as described above, seen here is the total amount of grounds which were left in the carafe, on the plunger, and on "The French Kiss."

      The goal of the device is to keep the ground from being flushed down the sink which can eventually clog the drain and to make clean up easier and on both those points "The French Kiss" works as advertised. You can order it directly from the Tmabaroo website for $15.95. Buy two and shipping is free. It comes in red as seen above as well as black, as well as in two sizes, for the 48 ounce and the 34 ounce carafe size. Additionally, if you have a press which has a non-magnetic screen support (the bottom piece) you can get those separately from Tambaroo as well HERE